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We help consultants productize their expertise as well as unlock new consulting opportunities.

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Chatbot Products

We help consultants productize their expertise into content such as a chatbot to better monetize.


Create powerful guided selling tools that help any seller navigate even the most complex customer discovery process.

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What our Customers Say

My team and I struggled to find a tool that could handle all of the results possibilities of our assessment and have a nice looking and simple front end at the same time. Logictry is great for us because it’s as friendly to use as forms, and as smart as excel.


Natalie Rodgers

CEO, The Acacia Company

Logictry has been an important tool in scaling our practice – from deploying custom assessments to creating e-learning modules and helping automate internal processes. The ability to custom-build exactly what we need is simply priceless.


Valentina Fomenko

CEO, Strategy DNA

I get frustrated with business problems that should be easy to fix but take too much time or unnecessary collaboration to get done quickly. With Logictry I can create an elegant solution that saves me time and makes my company look great.


Mike Chudy

Founder, Austin Sales Consulting