Logic Platform

Logic Infused Knowledge Management

Scale your institutional knowledge through no-code guided decision-making tools.

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Actionable Knowledge

Interactive guided content to ramp new hires faster, resolve search issues, and drive operational efficiencies.

Smart FAQs

Quickly build and embed on your website interactive FAQs to help your customers find answers faster!


Build custom assessments or use one of our pre-built assessments: DEI, Climate Readiness, Employee Skillsets, etc.


Provide better and faster customer support with chatbots that answer questions in real-time.


Build interactive guided playbooks to help systematize processes like never before.

Search Tools

Create a powerful lens for all disparate data and content spread across all systems with easy search and filtering.


Create powerful guided selling tools that help any seller navigate even the most complex customer discovery process.

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What our Customers Say

SalesForce is a compass, Logictry is a map.


Will King

VP, Salient Systems

As powerful as excel, as friendly as forms.


Natalie Rodgers

CEO, The Acacia Company

Build your company one app at a time.


Mike Chudy

Founder, Austin Sales Consulting