Logic Platform

Build in Logictry and embed everywhere

All content built in Logictry can be embedded into your website, Salesforce, Confluence, and more.

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Many Integrations

Build in Logictry and embed everywhere!

Your Website

Embed any content created in Logictry quickly and easily on your website.

Tableau & Confluence

Embed Tableau dashboards into Logictry and embed Logictry into Confluence to provide better content structure.


Create sales playbooks and search tools in Logictry and embed into Salesforce for easy workflow integration.

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What our Customers Say

It's like Lego pieces of knowledge. You can build from Lego piece to masterpiece!


Jake Glascock

Engineering Manager, Procore

Tableau is a tool for capturing the what, Logictry is a tool for capturing the how.


Natalie Rodgers

CEO, The Acacia Company

Logictry builds relationships between unstructured data.


Patricia Friar

Business Consultant, Capital Factory