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Logic markup: a logical syntax

May 10, 2022 • 2 min read

Logic Markup Logic Syntax
Sven Zetterlund
Sven Zetterlund

Logic Markup: A Logical Syntax

Logictry's Logic Maps are built around a new declarative syntax called Logic Markup. This powerful syntax is just like HTML.

Just as HTML content is placed in a hierarchy inside a "Body" tag, all logic is placed inside a "Root" tag. As logical conclusions are predicated on previous statements, the course of a Logic Map follows a path based on the user's previous answers.

Logic Markup example

The syntax is powerful, yet simple and easy to read.

A Cartographer writing a map using Logictry can easily switch between the drag-and-drop UI to the intuitive text-based syntax. As it's text-based, a Cartographer can optionally use regular expressions to rapidly edit the logic flow of the map. Any text editor can be used to modify the map.

If you want to see a live example, register for a Logictry account and access the map here: https://logictry.com/apps/6279392cf3ef1e6a2235bc0c/edit. From there, click the "code" button (indicated with "<>" brackets) in the right-hand menu.

Code Button to click in UI

Logictry is committed to continuing to improve the underlying Logic Markup to make it easier for experts to map their knowledge.

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