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Decision tree maps make knowledge bases actionable

April 21, 2022 • 5 min read

Decision making workflow maps
Ethan Clime
Ethan Clime

Decision tree maps make knowledge bases actionable

How do we encourage more logical decisions?

Logictry believes we live in a complex world and that the key to a better decision is knowing the right questions to ask. Once answered, it leads to a more logical conclusion.

Logictry is driving better decision making into organizations big and small by revolutionizing today's knowledge management function. Logictry accomplishes this by building guided decisioning tools on the Logictry platform that turn knowledge management into actionable decision tree workflows.

Organizations have failed to recognize the human element of better, faster decisions and have instead focused too many resources on robotic automation. The Great Resignation has forced companies to renew their focus on their employees' knowledge base and look for ways to accelerate the decision making process. Employees should no longer be guided by a compass, but instead provided with a map!

In this article we will dive into how Logic Maps can help increase lead generation, conversion rate and customer support while reducing the ramp up time for new employees and lost productivity.

The need for knowledge base customer software

Decision fatigue is a real thing. This has become more clear thanks to a survey done by NASDAQ where 49% of corporate employees say they spend 30 minutes to 2 hours a day tracking down answers to accomplish their job.

Employees have been quitting their jobs at rapid rates and companies are losing expert knowledge as a result. Losing years of experience have stained existing resources and hampered growth. Today we are beginning to see a shift where companies need to put more emphasis on augmented intelligence, over automation.

Augmented intelligence focuses on improving the speed and productivity of human work, rather than emphasis on automation to replace workers. Here at Logictry, we have identified this problem with a solution of mapping your decision making process.

Logic Map workflows creates fast decision tree directories

At Logictry we have invented the first ever logic management system as the catalyst for a healthy fast paced working environment. Through low code plug’n play building modules, we take any playbook or excel pivot table and create interactive maps that guide users through the decision making process.

So what examples have logic maps been used as a company software?

To name a few:

  • Onboarding Playbooks
  • Smart FAQs
  • Assessment Tools
  • Chatbots
  • Event Planners
  • Buying Guides

Onboarding Employee Playbooks

One of our first logic map guides for onboarding was for a company called Athleta. Everytime they onboarded a new employee, employees were given a 500 page playbook they needed to read and memorize to plan events. If the new employee failed at achieving success, the company lost turnover.

A logic map identified 5 categories from their playbook to solve this underlying issue:

  • Logistics
  • Activities
  • Partners
  • Communication
  • Customers

Each category you select opens up a decision tree to navigate your actions. When looking at logistics, you need to think about location. From that location will it be an outside venue or at an Athleta store? If an outside venue, are there fees? If so, what is the fee?

These questions allow new hires to fill in the path with answers under the direct guidance of the company's policy. This data is then tracked by Athleta to ensure employees' decision making processes are the correct ones. And the map leads them to the right decisions! Rather than taking the time to memorize or search for the right answers.

Smart FAQ

Popular with many customers, Logictry interactive frequently asked question’s map allows for customers to navigate by answering questions. Normally when viewing an FAQ it’s one question with a paragraph answer. Instead, the questions offer sub category questions where the user selects a response to lead them quickly to the answer according to their personal needs.

Assessment Tools

Logic maps are also an excellent tool for diversity, equity and inclusion training known as DEI. Through building an employee survey, companies identify how to navigate diversity in the organization. Logictry uses specific templates that support data collection of employee knowledge in this field.


Logcitry offers a unique feature to turn any logic map into a chatbot. Whether you want your interactive FAQ turned into a chatbot or need to help customers navigate the products, the chatbot can be embedded directly on your site. The ability to use logic maps in the form of a chatbot for customer support is a powerful tool to help automate navigation for sales.

Event Planner

Most effective way to understand and connect event attendees. Event attendees fill out a simple form that populates a directory. The better the questions, the better the data for attendees to connect. The event planner allows for attendees to learn who to network with and a quick tool on what days they are coming. Turning your excel directory of event attendees into a logic map gives you an event app that’s fast and easy to use.

Buying Guides

Lead generation can be enhanced directly from a buying guide to support your online leads and customer support. Many companies who sell a vast inventory of SKUs, can allow customers to navigate to their ideal product. For example, imagine constructing content regarding people picking what computer they need. From price to processing power where video reviews populate the pros and cons of the computer. These buying guides not only allows for a customer to find what they need, it also educates them to make the correct buying decision faster.

Logictry’s vision is to make logic accessible to everyone. We do that by capturing and sharing expert logic for a better decision making process. We are a platform for subject knowledge experts to structure their base knowledge and information. Thus allowing humans to make better decisions faster.

Want to learn more?

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