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Welcome to the first-ever logic platform.
Capture your expertise in a sharable, scalable, and usable way. Fall in love with your very own app store.

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the first-ever logic platform

Create apps based on complex logic

Drive efficiency, increase revenue, and lower cost with your own logic system. Help your team make decisions faster by avoiding information overload and decision fatigue.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Run your whole business on one system

Is your business running on a patchwork of SaaS offerings, spreadsheets, and "feature excess" platforms? Capture your unique business decisions in one platform to replace them all.

Your choice: DIY or let us help

Low upfront cost

Create custom software for your unique business decisions with a minimal outlay of capital.

Maintain it yourself

Logictry is a no-code, low-code platform and that means you can adapt your own tools to your business as it evolves.

Faster solutions

Custom development takes a lot of money and a long time to debug. Get there faster with a logic platform.

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What our clients say:

"We saw a 36% reduction in inbound calls to our sales engineering team when we implemented Logictry"

Product Marketing

Global technology company

"Our lead qualification assessments have helped us find the ideal clients for our consulting firm"

Chief Executive Officer

HR Consulting company

"No off-the-shelf CRM seemed to fit our business. Logictry helped us build the perfect one for our unique services"

Chief Marketing Officer

Database management company