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Logictry for Learning Management

Hi, and welcome to a quick intro video on the Logictry platform and how we can help as a learning management system.

So a brief intro. We are a no code, low code application platform where you can build what we call Logic Apps. All of these apps that you see here, all these little tiles are different applications that can be for learning management, or for productivity. And that's one of the benefits that we'll talk about in a second is how we bridge that gap between the training to on the job productivity. So what we'll look at first is three applications. This one here is a training course, that someone built with YouTube videos and information along with questions that they can ask as the user progresses through the content.

This module shows another course that was created by someone else, and this one shows yet another course. And so what you're seeing here is that each each of the different learning modules that you might want to create, think of them as little apps that you'll that you'll produce. And then how you end up using those applications is really flexibly up to you. Anything you create in our platform can then be shared with other users so that they can go through the content. It can be embedded into your existing internal systems. It can be even embedded on your external website. It does so however you want to use the training content you create in the logic tree platform is very much up to you.

Now the other side of what we do is that we bridge the gap between training and productivity, which is a very in our eyes, a very important thing. So looking at this application here, this is something that we built for Athleta. We took a 500 page PDF of training information that they had and it all this training information helps an event planner plan an effective event but how they the event planner applies it is still up to them. Well, we codify that into this digital workflow, where the event planners can say okay, I need to think about logistics. And location. Now I need to decide where will I host the event. If it's off site, what's the venue? Are there space rental fees, if there are then using a purchase card and trade? Otherwise if it's in the store, then which store so having a system like this which is almost trust, it's learning and training in real time as you go. This is the value of the luxury platform is that you can take it from just the basic traditional learning management that we think of all the way to this on the job productivity with learning in real time with information right at your fingertips, right as you need it. And just as a quick look, in the second part of this video, let's actually create the basics of an E Learning Module. So I'll click Create new app. And we have the starting templates that we can that we can create from like for example the E Learning Module, but I'll just build a blank app. And I can say this is our first eLearning module. And then what I'll do is all these different data types, I'm just going to quickly put down a wiki, a category and say part one, part two and part three. And let's preview and see what what just happened from that quick of a work of output. We created the basis of our E learning module we have these three different categories, part one, part two, part three, that the user can go through and let's even just add real quickly, we'll add a few subcategories to that and say subtopic one subtopic two, and preview that. And we can start to see how we build build out these different subtopics. And then what let's do is to part one, let's add some quick text, saying here is the training info for part one and preview that and now we can see how part one has that in the middle section.

And from here, we can now start adding in questions we can ask the user what is your familiarity with these topics?

And we can say topic, one topic to topic three. And maybe we can turn this into a checklist of of asking the the user first what they're familiar with. So I'm familiar with topic one, topic three. And so what this is highlighting is that we can very quickly build this elearning content. We can add these questions into the training materials. And what we're not going to talk about in this video but I want to as kind of a preface, we can build interactive dynamic, personalized training content. And that's one of the coolest things that we can do is that based on the user feedback, we can have all the other sections of this become dynamically modified based on these initial questions. So that means you can actually tailor the entire eLearning module in real time to the exact needs of the user that is accessing that training material. So that just gives you a brief look at how as a platform we are heavily focused on changing the way organizations approach their learning and their productivity with better more personalized training, content, and productivity tools all in one single platform.

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