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Logictry for Intake Forms

Hi and welcome to a quick intro video on the Logictry platform and how it can be used to build a better client intake form experience.

Let's start by opening up this example client intake form built by Smartsheet and will download and open this Word document. Let's imagine for a moment that we are a client filling out this intake form. We see here some of the basic information they're asking for like company name, but as we scroll down, we see some of these things like insurance information. Well, what if we don't have insurance? Or what if we have multiple insurance carriers and we're not sure which one to put these types of ambiguities that occur when people are filling out forms? leads to frustration, it forces them to stop and ask for help, and it just creates an inefficient bad experience.

So let's go down to the library platform and look at another way that that same intake form could be built in a more guided experience. So if instead of presenting the whole static form, what if we presented them with this guided experience? asking them the questions with helpful information in real time, such as what is your company's name? And by the way, this is how you should format that great I'll put logic tree Inc. And then instead of saying, What's your insurance carrier, what if we first asked Do you have insurance? In case they say no, we can now give them guidance as to an alternative form, or at least give them some information about what they should do. But if they say yes, we can now ask them about who the carrier is, and they can fill that out.

Then when the user hits submit, all of that information gets put into the exact right places. Your user can print it, they can save it and they're off and running. So bottom line that's created the most efficient, seamless, easy experience for the user. And additionally, this is a web ready widget. You can embed everything you see here, directly in your website so that they can fill it out without having to download a static form.

Now in the second half of this video, let's take a look at how quickly and easily you can build the same thing in the platform. So let's create a new app, a blank app.

And let's go back to that same template. I'm going to copy everything and then under the report, I'll paste the text and just paste everything I copied directly from that form template. And it actually copied all the formatting over, ready to go. So we actually don't have to make any changes the form is ready. So what we can do now is just start to introduce the simple questions like company name. And then let's look at the report here. Let's go ahead and preview this to see what we just did. So we created this input here is a form for the company name. And if we click on the report, we will see the report here that they'll be generated. But we noticed that the company name didn't get changed. So to do that, let's flip back into the edit mode and we're going to modify this to be open brackets company name, spelled exactly like the question above and by doing that, when the user fills this out, the report gets dynamically populated with that exact information.

So now that we've done that, let's introduce another question such as, Do you have insurance

and yes, and if they answer yes, let's ask about the carrier name.

But if they answer no, then let's put down a text field and say stop. Please go fill out a form and we can put in the form there. So great. We've done that. And let's do one last thing to put this carrier name in the right spot. Let's go down to the name of the carrier and put carrier name.

And let's go ahead and preview this.

So now the user puts in their company's name. Then we see a question Do you have insurance? If they say no, we guide them on what to do? Or if they say yes, they can put in their carrier name. And then the report gets automatically filled out with that exact information.

So this shows how quickly we can take intake forms, import them into the lottery platform, turn them into these web shareable, guided experiences that make it much easier and faster for the end user.

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